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Fairs and Festivals in Odisha


Fairs and Festivals in Odisha 

Fairs and Festivals in Odisha

1. Chandrabhaga Mela (fair) is held in which district of Odisha?

(A) Deogarh

(B) Sambalpur

(C) Balangir

(D) Puri

Ans : D

2. The Taratarini Mela of Odisha takes place on which days of Chaitra month?

(A) Monday

(B) Tuesday

(C) Wednesday

(D) Thursday

Ans : B

3. ‘Mahima Mela’ or ‘Joranda Mela’ is held in which day ?

(A) Falgun Purnima

(B) Jyestha Purnima

(C) Magha Purnima

(D) Ashadha Purnima

Ans : 3

4. Dandanata fair is observed in which district of Odisha?

(A) Ganjam

(B) Puri

(C) Dhenkanal

(D) Balangir 

Ans : A

5. The festival in which Lord Lingaraj is taken in a chariot from main temple to Rameshwar
temple is

(A) Taratarini Mela

(B) Chaitra Parba

(C) Ashokastami

(D) Sitalsasthi

Ans : A

6. Chandan Yatra fair is organised in

(A) Puri

(B) Balangir

(C) Nuapada

(D) Koraput

Ans : C

7. Which festival is a 42 day long festival related to the Lord Jagannath’s festivals in Puri
district ?

(A) Dola Purnima

(B) Ashokashtami

(C) Chandan Yatra

(D) Sitalsasthi

Ans : C

8. Which of the following festival starts on the auspicious day of Akshya Tritiya?

(A) Chandan Yarta

(B) Ratha Yatra

(C) Snana Yatra

(D) Bali Yatra

Ans : A

9. Which festival is celebrated on the birthday of Lord Jagannath?

(A) Snana Yatra

(B) Gamha Purnima

(C) Taratarani Mela

(D) Magha Mela

Ans : A

10. The festival of Sitalsasthi relates to

(A) marriage of Lord Shiva and Parvati

(B) Ramayana

(C) Mahabharata

(D) victory of good over evil

Ans : A

Fairs and Festivals in Odisha

11. Which among the following statements about Ratha Yatra is not correct?

(A) Ratha Yatra begins in the month of Jyestha and ends in Ashadha.

(B) Pulling the ropes of the chariots is considered sacred.

(C) The cloth to cover the chariots is supplied by Odisha government.

(D) All the three chariots are drawn on the same day.

Ans : A

12. The world famous festival of ‘Ratha Yatra’ is celebrated in which month?

(A) Kartik

(B) Magha

(C) Ashadha

(D) Shravan

Ans : C 

13. Kumar Purnima festival is mainly celebrated in which district of Odisha ?

(A) Puri

(B) Dhenkanal

(C) Balangir

(D) Koraput

Ans : B

14. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is known by which other name in Odisha?

(A) Gamha Purnima

(B) Dola Purnima

(C) Ashadha Purnima

(D) None of these

Ans : A

15. Which festival marks the demise and rebirth of Lord Jagannath of Puri?

(A) Netro Utsav

(B) Ratha Yatra

(C) Navajoubanabesha

(D) Nabakalebara

Ans : D

16. Konark Dance festival is held in which month of a year?

(A) January

(B) February

(C) November

(D) December

Ans : D

17. Bija Pandu festival is celebrated in which place of Odisha ?

(A) Mayurbhanj

(B) Sundargarh

(C) Keonjhar

(D) All of these

Ans : D

18. Adivasi Mela is held in which place of Odisha ?

(A) Balangir

(B) Jharsuguda

(C) Bhubaneswar

(D) Keonjhar

Ans : C

19. The tribal festival Karma is mainly celebrated by which community ?

(A) Blacksmiths

(B) Farmers

(C) Weavers

(D) Sculptures

Ans : B

20. Which festival is the most important for the tribal people of Koraput district in
Odisha ?

(A) Magha Mela 

(B) Makar Sankranti 

(C) Bija Pandu 

(D) Ekamra 

Ans : C

Fairs and Festivals in Odisha

21. Which of the following is a harvest festival celebrated in Odisha?

(A) Chaitu Amavasya

(B) Ekamra

(C) Karma festival

(D) Magha Parab

Ans : A

22. Kedu festival is celebrated in

(A) Kandhamal

(B) Ganjam

(C) Koraput

(D) All of these

Ans : D

23. Dhanu Yatra festival is related to which God/Goddess ?

(A) Krishna

(B) Saraswati

(C) Lord Shiva

(D) Goddess Parvati

Ans : A

24. Chhau dance is especially performed in which festival of Odisha ?

(A) Chitau Amavasya

(B) Uda Parba

(C) Nuakhai

(D) Durga Puja

Ans : B

25. Which famous cuisine of Odisha includes a preparation of vegetables and lentils ?

(A) Pakhal

(B) Dalma

(C) Chennapoda

(D) Sakara

Ans : B

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